About me

I am a Post-doctoral Associate of the department of Biomedical Informatics at University of Pittsburgh. I am working at Hatice Osmanbeyoglu lab, https://www.osmanbeyoglulab.com/

My research topic is developing a new system-biology approach to examine tumor immune microenvironment (TIME) and optimize the response to the immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) therapy. I will characterize the change of the transcriptional regulation between pre- and post-ICI treatment using single cell-omics profiling in the organoid co-cultures of human triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) and immune cells. I will utilize cutting edge single cell multi-omics technologies such as Cellular Indexing of Transcriptomes and Epitopes (CITE)-sequencing, which allows simultaneous quantitative profiling of surface protein and mRNA expression at the single cell level, or Transposase-Accessible Chromatin using sequencing (ATAC-seq) to assess genome-wide chromatin accessibility and the bindings of transcriptional factors.

Last update: July 2021